Central Vac

Visit our showroom in Valparaiso for a demonstration of the Hide-A-Hose system.


Sweep away the dirt, dust an alergins with a Central Vacuum System from Omni Entertainment

With Hide-A-Hose you do not have to lug around the bulky vacuum hose from inlet to inlet when you want to vacuum.

The hose is concealed inside the vacuum tubing located within the wall, so when you need to use the system, you just pull out the the vacuum hose from the wall inlet, attach the cleaning tool and go.

When you are done vacuuming, with the palm of your hand, the hose retracts automatically into the vac system’s tubing using the vacuum’s suction!

Hide-A-Hose systems need as few as one-half the inlets of a conventional central vacuum system because this system can accommodate a hose up to 50 feet long.